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Bethesda had a truly unique situation on their hands in releasing The Evil Within. Developed by Shinji Mikami—creator of the seminal Resident Evil series—and Tango Gameworks, the new title would mark the resurgence of the survival horror genre, and the long-awaited return Mikami’s highly crafted, gruesome terror.

The last decade has seen survival horror games focusing more on action than true horror—trading gut-wrenching suspense and ambience for all-out, run-and-gun play. And gamers were feeling that absence.

Bethesda looked to Rokkan to ensure that this new I.P. would restore an entire genre to its origins, a throwback to the heyday of big-budget horror.

Rokkan led integrated marketing for the game, including branding and identity design, key art creation, and the overarching strategy, framework, and roll-out for the launch campaign.

We began with the most important thing: a name for Mikami’s return to survival horror. “The Evil Within” was penned after several rounds of copywriting and iterations. What could be more terrifying than what lies inside the mind?

That concept was the spark of inspiration that guided the key art. The logo was is once clean and threatening, echoing an “old-school” look. And, as The Evil Within is set at an asylum, our direction combined morbid physiology of the brain with several themes of the game: suffering—both mental and physical—, futility, and, of course, evil.

Once we established the language and look and feel of The Evil Within, we created the Evil Takes Hold campaign, which encompassed the game’s digital presence, trailers, content strategy and overarching campaign framework.

Not only were sales extremely successful, but the game was very well-reviewed, despite its niche genre; IGN gave it an 8.7 out of 10, and it garnered a 76.09 on Metacritic.