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Rokkan today announced their ‘Let Go’ integrated campaign for Cadillac Super Cruise, the first truly hands-free automotive technology available on the Cadillac CT6, will debut at the MTV Video Music Awards in Inglewood, California, August 27, 2017.

‘Let Go’ is a multi-faceted, agile creative campaign with digital at the center. In addition to two striking creative spots – an anthem and a vignette – that will air live during the VMAs, ‘Let Go’ is poised to immerse audiences into a cross-disciplinary media experience unique to both Cadillac and the public. The campaign features a coast to coast, hands-free drive from New York City to Los Angeles beginning August 18 that will be broadcast across digital and social channels. ‘Let Go’ is Rokkan’s most recent major work for Cadillac since the Oscars.

“Cadillac is launching an industry-first technology feature which requires an equally creative integrated marketing initiative,” said Rokkan Chief Creative Officer Brian Carley. “In addition to two head-turning spots, which will run across broadcast and digital platforms, we’ve extended our themes into experiential, social, content and beyond.”

Minutes before the award show begins, a Cadillac CT6 will arrive in Los Angeles, where the VMAs are taking place, having completed an almost 3000-mile hands-free drive to the venue using Super Cruise technology. Audiences will be able to follow Cadillac’s road to the VMAs on a dedicated website, with end-of-day progress reports and recap videos on Facebook, real time updates on Twitter and through Instagram stories that chronicle the number of coffees drunk, pit stops made and miles travelled. The coast to coast drive will bring next-generation Cadillac technology to the next generation of Cadillac consumers, who will become witness to the longest hands-free continuous drive in history.

The two on-air VMA spots, titled ‘Let Go,’ and ‘A Conversation,’ will showcase Super Cruise technology in the backdrop of real life scenarios that reflect everyday insecurities and fears.


“In the first spot, you are introduced to different people who are confronting every day realities of things that may hold them back,” said Carley. “As you witness their emotional journeys, you see a Cadillac CT6 streak by in the background, foreshadowing a mysterious calm.”

“By the end, all the characters let go of the stigmas, fears, pressures and expectations in favor of their true desire – to be free and live on their own terms. The second spot is much more unorthodox, showing a stunning – real life moment in the life of a deaf couple.”

As the VMAs and the rest of the broadcast industry continue to see record viewership growth on digital and social platforms, Rokkan creative for Cadillac Super Cruise aims to drive the brand’s ‘Dare Greatly’ campaign into a new era. Rokkan, an agency rooted in digital strategy and reliant on the agile advertising approach new to the industry, is ideally suited to captivate sought-after demographics vital to the longevity of brands like Cadillac. The VMAs are the most fitting stage for the work, having served as the historical testing ground for ideas that move the cultural needle.

“We’ve created a campaign that weaves together digital, social and broadcast into a single narrative that tells a cohesive, multi-layered story,” said Carley. “This campaign is a departure from advertising as usual.”

Super Cruise is the industry’s first true hands-free driving technology for the highway. Utilizing an advanced driver attention system and precision LiDAR mapping to safely, reliably and continuously steer the vehicle hands-free, Super Cruise is the only driverless technology that doesn’t require the driver to place their hands on the wheel during the course of a drive.

Super Cruise is the first in a series of innovative agile campaigns Rokkan and Cadillac are undertaking as part of their expanding creative relationship. The partnership comes at a pivotal time for Cadillac, looking to capture a new wave of technology-empowered brand ambassadors, and Rokkan, whose digital capability is setting a bold example for the rest of the industry.

“Just as the CT6 will arrive on the red carpet as an innovator in its industry, we feel Rokkan has also taken a big leap forward with this work and the stage on which it’s shown,” said Rokkan CEO John Noe. “Leading creative for Cadillac puts our shop into a new category, and we are thrilled to be with Cadillac as it breaks ground in new environments.”

“Like Super Cruise, we look forward to the road ahead.”