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On the night of the Oscars we told two brand stories, Pioneers and Pedestal.  Pioneers looked at the past, present and future of who Cadillac to remind people of our story.  With Pedestal our intention was different.  In the spot we nod to the past and how we have been perceived, but as the story plays out, the focus shifts to the future as seen through the lens of the Cadillac design team’s concept car, Escala.   

While most car companies reserve concept cars for auto shows and trade pubs we found the night of the Oscars to be the perfect stage.  A night of glamour and glitz to remind the world that Cadillac still sits at the forefront of design, conceptual thinking, and breathtaking execution.   

Furthermore, we wanted to shift perception and give people an idea of where the brand is headed.  While Escala holds true to many design principles, it quite literally breaks the mold by redefining the design language that will inspire the next generations of Cadillacs.  

The response on Cadillac social channels was amazing  People not only loved the spot, but they loved the design of Escala.