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Create a heartfelt holiday campaign to showcase the incredible things that happen when we share our thoughts, our feelings and our experiences with the people we care about.

Since the advent of digital and social media, paper greeting card sales have slowed significantly. Hallmark engaged Rokkan in early 2016 to create a campaign that connects with a design-conscious, millennial consumer for their premium Signature line of greeting cards. Designed around tentpole holidays for the greeting card brand, our No Ordinary Card campaign reminds people that there’s nothing more important than sharing how you feel.

Mother’s Day was our first step of the new campaign, led by a long-form film showing the history of a mother and daughter’s relationship that flashes before their eyes in the moment a card is given. How do you say everything to the person who gave you life? You don’t have to. This card does it for you, as told by Rattling Stick director Pete Riski. Stop-motion animations of selections from the Signature card line complemented the work in social media.

2016 was a contentious and divisive year for many, and because Hallmark is a brand that celebrates the best in personal relationships, we decided to step back and find the good in people for our holiday advertising efforts. Using almost entirely footage from YouTube, our holiday efforts celebrated real, memorable moments of love between people. It was honored with a #3 spot on CBS’s list of best holiday commercials.


For Valentine’s Day, we continued to honor real people’s lives rather than turn to actors. Our :30 commercial was also built from footage found on YouTube, featuring a diverse range of relationships at meaningful moments, from teenagers to a beautiful couple celebrating their 75th anniversary. This piece generated over 3.5M views on Facebook alone, and sparked positive conversation about what love looks like in 2017 America.


By reminding people there’s nothing more important than sharing how you feel.

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