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Since 1899, Mikimoto has created the pinnacle of pearls, offering what is considered to be the highest-quality pearls in the world. With a stronger focus in ecommerce in recent years, Mikimoto required a scalable platform that could work within local markets around the world. They needed to capture the high-end luxury appeal of the brand while remaining intuitive to all users. Rokkan orchestrated a synchronized launch of the Mikimoto digital platform across the world. While the brand image remained the same around the world, the demographic and their shopping behaviors varied wildly.

By gaining a deep understanding to each market, Rokkan was able to provide a solution that scaled properly to all demographics while retaining the brand image. From the very beginning, Rokkan understood that the sophisticated appeal of the Mikimoto audience depended heavily on exclusivity and reputation. High-end luxury does not extend to all audiences and the platform was intentionally designed so that it spoke to, and focused on a very specific demographic.