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What can a haircare brand do to help millennials believe again?

When Garnier asked us for a fresh campaign for their iconic line of styling products, we felt from the outset that following the conventional hair advertising playbook feel inauthentic and dated. But an important statistic rose to the surface: 81% of millennials believe that hair advertising is fake.

So we set a very simple bar for ourselves: just be real. Our Believe In What Your Hair Can Do campaign, developed exclusively for digital and social media, found a uniquely honest brand of aspiration the hair category. Unlike the rest of the category, it features real hair, without wigs, extensions, or retouching of any kind.

Visually, we focus on the hair, not the person, to tell a more relatable story of product performance. The campaign’s authenticity cuts through the commercial monotone the category has been known for, and because this campaign was largely conceived by a team millennial women at Rokkan, it feels truer to our consumer’s voice than most beauty brands. The campaign’s launch has been a significant success for Garnier, and at a time when the category is lagging behind consumers’ own sources of inspiration, Garnier Fructis has found a new foothold of credibility. All we had to do was believe.