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Creative Concept

The Challenge 

For all its forwardness of effervescence and flavor, Fresca was a drink stuck in the past. It was was your Ma’s refreshment. Your Pa’s refreshment. Even your Grandma and Grandpa’s refreshment. Lacking a social media presence and relevance among millennials, they came to Rokkan looking for a way to break through a mounting wave of sparkling water sensations, and recruit the next generation of Fresca drinkers.

The Solution

We started by digging into the history of the Fresca brand. And after a healthy share of thinking, drinking, and research, we discovered something fascinating: that Fresca has always been a bit of an outsider. A unique, quirky and lovable misfit amidst a sea of seltzers and sodas. The task then became tapping into that essence, and shifting Fresca’s image from a refreshing citrus soda with an unclear message to an enduring original with a refreshing take on life.

Emphasizing Fresca’s new packaging, we created a social campaign that established a bright and vibrant visual aesthetic and a refreshing tone of voice. A saturated color palette paired with bold, quippy copy made for a series of communications that stopped scrollers in their tracks. We also partnered with influencers to bring a fun, lifestyle-driven element to the Fresca world.

Armed with this freshened-up look and feel, Fresca was able to carve out a unique space within an exceedingly crowded marketplace, and entice a new wave of soft-drinkers to open up their minds and mouths, to living that Fresca life.