Creative Agency

2018 Brand Campaign

TV, Digital and Social

Creative Concept

The question

How do you start
a business that
stands out from
the crowd?

‘Looking out for your eyes’ is a tagline as much as it is a promise. Eyeconic, backed by a network of over 40,000 doctors and VSP that serves 79 million Americans aims to do much more than deliver eyeglasses and contact lenses, but to truly look out for eyes.



The online eyeglass and contact business is dominated by two brands, Warby Parker and 1-800 Contacts, while every other competitor is named ‘eyeglass this’ or ‘frames that.’ So, it’s very easy for a new entrant to be quickly categorized as just one of the ‘other’ brands.


When VSP came to us to re-launch its Eyeconic business, we aimed to create a brand and identity that would stand apart at every end of the category. We dug into the spirit, ethos and values of VSP, a vision care insurance provider to nearly one third of all Americans with a compelling origin story. VSP was founded in 1955 by a group of optometrists with a dream of providing high-quality, cost-effective eye care benefits. More personal, human, thoughtful care. As a result, the Eyeconic aimed to do exactly that and to tell it through its identity, visual language, tone and all of its communications. And we worked to build a voice and tone for the brand that would continue to bring the clarity and humanity to life. Sincerity – Voice and actions that are unpretentious and straightforward. Simplicity – Keeping a sharp focus on a seamless online experience. Proficiency – Bringing the insights and comfort of the VSP doctor network. Integrity – A brand that doesn’t cut corners. And empathy – Treating our customers’ problems as our own.



And in 2018 Eyeconic came back to Rokkan to create its first foray into TV advertising. Rokkan created a campaign that brings imagination to the process of creating the perfect pair of eyeglasses and demonstrates Eyeconic’s unique point of view. The creative approaches the behind-the-scenes process in a fresh and humorous way; an Italian artisan inspects the frame design, lenses are enhanced via a DJ’s laser show and every pair of glasses is packaged with the care and handwritten note of a loving grandmother. It brings attention to Eyeconic’s powerful purpose and dedication to creating the highest quality product with a hands-on doctor network and money-saving potential that comes with being attached to one of the largest vision insurance providers in the nation.

Clear and simple. That’s Eyeconic’s commitment. And although the steps to make that a reality are anything but simple, it doesn’t stop Eyeconic from trying.