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How does an iconic brand like Pantone start to empower the next generation of creators?

In 1963 Pantone revolutionized the creative industry with the launch of the colorful PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, an innovative tool to select, communicate and produce accurate color. Its revolutionary color system powers some of the most iconic brands in the world. Minions Yellow. Tiffany’s Blue. Coca-Cola red.


But in a world of constant change, a rising generation of creative minded designers, artists and entrepreneurs are finding and inventing new ways to use color. An estimated 3.7 million digital designers make up a predominantly millennial generation where social collaboration and use of digital tools is simply the only way they know how to bring their ideas to life.

Pantone’s brave change becomes a response to a simple question as it looks to the future: How does an iconic brand like Pantone start to empower the next generation of creators and makers? The Opportunity: to unlock each designer’s potential through the power of Pantone. But the answer, however, is anything but simple. The path requires Pantone to move from being a color provider to a software company as it translates its full suite of products and services to digital platforms and devices.



“Pantone has long been an invaluable tool and source of inspiration for designers across all disciplines,” said SVP and General Manager, Ron Potesky. “PANTONE Studio makes our tools and services more accessible and easier to use than ever for modern designers. Through their deep understanding of our audience, Rokkan helped us create a beautiful interface and intuitive user experience that is more conducive to how designers work today, providing them their own private color studio.”



Introducing: Pantone Studio

Pantone Studio is all about color. Selecting libraries, exploring swatches, building and sharing palettes from fan-decks and images alike. These features are the fundamental elements for equipping users with the tools they need.

We also know that each design discipline (fashion, interior, graphic, web, product, etc.) will dictate a designer’s needs, which will also vary by experience level and device. Pantone Studio is developed to serve a wide-ranging audience who will use it in diverse ways.

We heard from that collaboration and seamless integration into adobe tools are critical. We thought about what else designers need as part of their fundamental workspace. In order to reach 3.7m digital designers, the pantone app had to do more than deliver a library of colors. It had to build utility that will redefine their design process by infusing color consideration into their projects and allowing for collaboration throughout.

The opportunity led us to layer in content that would amplify and inspire in ways that are custom to each designer’s unique process.


Pantone Studio features content that will drive the creation of new ideas and give users a peek into the pantone universe.


Pantone studio provides tools for advanced users to improve their craft: additional libraries, pantone silk, calibration of devices, product finder and space for smart collaboration and workflow management.

We know we need to start small and build smart. While this first release is focused on delivering pantone standards, we can begin laying the foundation for initial elements of both inspiration and education. Over time, we can test and evolve the functionality to fit user behavior and scale beyond the iPhone to build a truly seamless digital platform.

PANTONE Studio is available as a free download with a selection of Pantone colors to use across all tools and features. Users can subscribe through in-app purchase to access a comprehensive library of more than 10,000 standardized hues across all Pantone libraries and disciplines, from fashion to graphic colors. New colors released by Pantone will automatically update in the digital studio, making it easy for creatives to access the full Pantone color library.

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