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Chipotle is renowned as a company who prides itself on doing things differently. By delivering Food with Integrity through sourcing only the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment, and farmers, Chipotle has remained dedicated to their mission of giving hungry burrito-lovers the highest quality product and experience possible.

Wanting to make their loyal fans’ lives better by making it easier than ever to order delicious food, Chipotle knew it was time to revisit their mobile presence and give customers a completely new experience.

Introducing the new Chipotle Ordering App.

This essential iOS app brings the convenience of Chipotle’s desktop ordering site to your phone—no need to be chained to your desk, anymore. The app was specifically designed to highlight simplicity and utility, and was inspired by Chipotle’s world-renowned, lightning-fast service lines.

We stripped away anything and everything that could be superfluous to give users the most seamless and intuitive experience possible.