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The Humane Society of the United States teamed up with Rokkan as its Creative and Media Agency of Record to launch an interactive campaign exposing the warehouse/supermarket giant for allowing its egg suppliers to confine chickens in tiny, unsanitary cages.

Faced with the challenge of turning something people don’t personally experience into something relatable, Rokkan’s key goal was to illicit an actionable emotional response and change the experience of how the general consumer can get involved in a cause. The graphic campaign footage produced by Rokkan centered around a hidden camera-style video, titled “Room to Live,” in which a “realtor” shows people New York City’s “most disgusting apartment” to draw an analogy to the unlivable quarters that the hens laying eggs for Costco’s shelves endure. The powerful visuals sought to speak to the core human emotion of innocent suffering and a right to integrity of life by showing real people a possible human equivalent experience. Calling out Costco for their broken promises and shirking their corporate responsibility, Rokkan and HSUS created a new central hub for inspired viewers to get involved and take action for change.

The video campaign was distributed across all forms of media including the website, social channels and broadcast. The almost immediate public outrage sent the campaign and #CagedforCostco hashtag viral with hundred of thousands of people viewing the video in the first 24hrs and thousands calling Costco on the first day.

The final result was an overwhelming success, and swiftly brought Costco to the negotiation table.

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