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Cadillac Digital Brochures


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The Challenge

Cadillac has been in the automotive industry for more than 100 years, and while their vehicles have evolved over that time, other things have not. Such as the way that they engage prospects and share important highlights and features of specific models.

As Cadillac moves forward as a technology first automotive company, we needed a way to entirely overhaul their advertising and marketing collateral communications strategy and create the first-ever Cadillac digital brochure. This required transforming their current printed catalogs into an interactive experience. While doing so, we had to be conscientious that each digital version should be customized enough to suit current and former Cadillac owners, as well as the highly-promising, “lower funnel” prospects, all while inspiring sales in a predominantly mobile environment.

The Solution

Cadillac is boldly moving toward the forefront of luxury mobility. As their products evolve, so should the materials we use to tell their story. To create something that set Cadillac up as an innovation leader, we had to deliver a solution that not only provided the information that would be in a traditional brochure, but in a way that was interesting, informative and fun to use. So we pivoted to a customizable digital platform that reflected their electric, intelligent future as a brand. Modern luxury consumers shop primarily online, but still desire on-demand, personalized treatment. To exceed their expectations, we created a digital channel to convey the Cadillac experience and enhance the in-dealership process.

Knowing that we had to find the right balance of information and engagement, our first step was to align on vehicle priorities. From there we built interactive elements which highlighted each feature and created unique opportunities for users to not only read about a car, but to engage with it before getting into the showroom.

Imagine a simplified conversation structure, where sales advisors can provide an instant, personalized digital sales experience by asking questions. In a matter of moments, a customer’s favorite color, trim, wheels, interior colors more can be learned to create a highly customized sales approach. Creating a simplified connection between the salesperson and the lead ensures an easy follow up, and a stronger imprint for continued conversation.

Our final product was to customize a sales story for each model, where each moment offers the opportunity to learn more engaging details about the Cadillac that you are interested in. With a simple and exciting interactive storyline, this experience helps the driver imagine themselves behind the wheel of their next Cadillac vehicle. We let users select trims, colors, wheels and more, so they can create a unique, personalized brochure as they navigate through the experience. We also added the ability for the driver to socialize their vehicle choice and encourage family and friends to help finalize their sales decision.

What we ended up creating is an entirely new platform for Cadillac to reach their drivers. Whether it’s geo-location based messaging for products that are better suited in certain seasons or allowing Dealers to monitor their on-lot inventory by VIN to be able to better move metal, future iterations of this progressive mobile web app will dial-in the customization experience unlike anything Cadillac has seen before.