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2015 Brand Campaign

Digital Creative and Social

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WellPoint and Rokkan decided to take a novel approach to illustrating the overlooked benefits of health insurance by taking our four-wheeled friends for a different kind of routine service. Cars have it tough—all that driving around, abuse both internally and externally, parallel parking, soft-rock radio, the list goes on and on. Luckily, they’re covered by insurance, so when something goes wrong it will be taken care of.

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if we could protect ourselves, our families and loved ones in the same way? If people will pay to protect their cars, why shouldn’t they insure their most important assets? The two tongue-in-cheek “Cars” spots—called ‘Doctor’ and ‘Dentist’—were a huge hit. Featured on “The Facts” over at and in our banner ads, they were an integral part of the Real Health campaign.