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Detroit, a city that’s seen more economic hardship than any other major American city in recent history, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in December of 2013 with an estimated $18-20 billion in debt. Unable to pay workers or even keep the lights on, many schools, hospitals, and even fire and police stations were shut down, rendering many parts of Detroit uninhabitable. A once-booming hub for industry is now lined with crumbling and abandoned homes and buildings, painting a new skyline of desolation and urban decay.

But in the wake of the city’s mass exodus, a few have refused to leave their dying hometown, clinging to the stubborn hope that Detroit can be resurrected from the ashes.

And that’s a powerful story, whose inspiring tenacity and selflessness had to be shared. To tell it right, we worked with the singular Werner Herzog to create a documentary short film that showcases the story of a creative community dedicated to staging an economic and cultural comeback for Detroit. When everyone’s instinct is to leave the dying city behind, these few stand firm and battle the blight head-on by putting their blood, sweat and tears into a unique brand of urban renewal.