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At the heart of the American Express business are the entrepreneurs and small business owners who have grown modest empires atop the spending power that American Express OPEN cards have afforded them.

But over time, American Express OPEN has evolved from a credit card product to a growing suite of products and services aimed at enabling small business owners to thrive. From programs as large as “Small Business Saturday” and mobile apps that help manage receipts and expenses, to exclusive content and dialogue with inspirational business minds at OPEN Forum, the support that OPEN gives small businesses has become comprehensive.

American Express OPEN asked Rokkan to help them tell their growth story by creating a platform to showcase OPEN’s passion for small business, and unique array of products and services with an all-new

Designed and built for any device, the responsive site works to meet the needs of small businesses of all shapes and sizes, and entrepreneurs at any point in the evolution of their business. We also pulled together real, authentic and relatable stories to share across the OPEN landscape by traveling around the country meeting with small business owners, capturing pieces of their journey through interviews and series of photographs.

Additionally, Rokkan developed new digital standards to help maintain a consistent voice and tone, as well as creative and usability guidelines—a foundation on which the OPEN platform could grow, while ensuring the original vision lived on.