APR 03, 2014

Rokkan Reboots the Horror Game Genre with ‘The Evil Within’

Shinji Mikami, the father of survival horror games and creator of the seminal Resident Evil series, returns to his roots with The Evil Within. With the last decade seeing survival horror games focusing more on action than horror—trading suspense and ambience for all-out, run-and-gun play—The Evil Within attempts to restore an entire genre to its origins.

Bethesda tasked Rokkan with creating a memorable brand and marketing campaign for their new IP. We drew inspiration from classic horror films. From the clean yet threatening logo to the “old-school” announce trailer to the unsettling artwork—Rokkan brought the new IP to life through the Evil Takes Hold campaign.

For the live-action announcement trailer, Rokkan brought in venerable director, Kyle Cooper. The trailer gave us a glimpse into the demented mind of a serial killer and the monstrous manifestations of terror therein. Every creature and drop of blood was shot on film to achieve a classic look that paid homage to both horror films and games.

 Social listening of fans’ reactions to the game announcement led Rokkan to create the #bringbackhorror hashtag to lead and foster the discussion around The Evil Within.

Stay tuned for more information and insight into our integrated campaign after The Evil Within is released in October of 2014.

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