MAR 31, 2014

Rokkan and TAG Heuer launch the “Owner’s Circle”

Kicking-off their presence at Basel World—the world’s largest luxury watch and jewelry show—TAG Heuer and ROKKAN (Social Agency of Record) have launched the “Owner’s Circle,” a Tumblr dedicated to haute horology lovers.

TAG Heuer is among the first luxury brands to flock the platform, drawn by the inherently visual nature of Tumblr, where the brand can create new types of content that actually connects with people.

Owner’s Circle features GIFs and photos to inspire fans to share, collect and learn more about each model, and videos that weave in stories of precision craftsmanship and history, immersing viewers in the brand’s rich heritage.

Luxury brands on Tumblr are still in their infancy: only 31% of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands have created Tumblr accounts. And while Facebook and Twitter still reign, Tumblr, with its visual appeal, customizable look, and avid GIF-loving rebloggers, is a unique way for luxury brands like TAG Heuer to engage their audience in new ways.

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