JUL 11, 2013

ORGNL.TV: A New Editorial Channel For Creativity

ORGNL.TV is a vibrantly designed new editorial channel from Stoli Vodka that focuses on celebrating originality and creativity through the stories of artists, fashionistas, foodies and tech-heads. Fresh content will be curated by participating artists, and also by contributing editors from the likes of Refinery 29, BuzzFeed, UrbanDaddy, and more.

Through unique, original content, we hope to showcase and foster moments of discovery, inspiration and imagination.

Contagious Magazine interviewed Brian Carley (SVP, executive creative director) about the machinations behind ORGNL.TV, and the larger trend of branded editorial content:

Contagious: What are the business aims for Stoli in relation to ORGNL.TV, and why did the creative team feel that content was the best way to engage with fans of the brand? 

Brian: The aim of ORGNL.TV is to help grow the fan base and build a community of like-minded people with real interest in the arts. In a crowded market, like spirits, to be able to own a content channel that allows us to feature unique people and stories that are true and that we love, will only help solidify that we’re authentic to our beliefs and ultimately build affinity for what we do. We don’t want to only talk about our product specifically in a place where people are spending their time consuming things that are important to them and not just advertising. It’s not enough to co-opt or sponsor content, but if we can create it and own it then we can be innovators in that area and build it into something much bigger in the coming years, which is the ultimate goal.

Contagious: How did the brand select what content to include, and what is appropriate for it to have a point of view on? 

Brian: We’re selecting content by vetting artists and features through an internal team and our client. The goal is to feature people, stories, places that we feel have an angle of originality. We really want to showcase interesting stories, the types of narratives you wouldn’t find or see elsewhere. There needs to be an element of exclusivity to the content.

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