JUN 20, 2011

LetsRedu.com Wins A Webby

Rokkan collaborated with CAA, Hunter Gatherer and Good Magazine to launch LetsRedu.com, a site powered by Bing’s search engine for curated news related to education reform. The site serves as a platform for educators, thought leaders, and individuals, eager to learn more about our nation’s education system, its current state of affairs and its need for change. The site has featured issues related from concepts in curriculum to concerns in cafeteria food being served at public schools.

LetsRedu.com won a Webby Award for the Activism category among many other honorable projects. We’re extremely proud to have contributed to an important message such as education reform, and to have had the opportunity to work alongside our innovative partnering agencies. LetsRedu.com is proof and just one small example of how technology, media and activism can converge to set a positive change in motion.


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