JUL 20, 2015

JetBlue Shares a Coke with Humanity

JetBlue and Coca-Cola are two brands known for celebrating positivity. So what happens when they team up? Surprise and delight.

JetBlue, with Rokkan and North of New York, hacked a seemingly normal vending machine in New York’s Penn Station train terminal to deliver an extra bottle of Coke to anyone who used it.

What the unsuspecting people did with their extra bottle of Coke determined their fate. If they passed it on to another person, they got an extra treat: two round-trip tickets to a destination of their choice, courtesy of JetBlue.

Known for making travel more “human,” JetBlue encouraged busy New Yorkers to stop for a second and “Share a Coke with Humanity.” 70+ strangers connected, shared a Coke, and made Penn Station was just a little bit brighter, if only for a day.

Read more over at Creativity.

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