NOV 08, 2010

Five Nominations For The 2010 Pixel Awards

It’s been an eventful few months in links land. Regardless of what some people think, Obama got a lot done. Steve Jobs introduced more cool stuff, inspiring someone to send it to space. A tornado did some damage here in New York. Charlie Sheen was, well, Charlie Sheen. We’ve been pretty busy ourselves, and we’re happy to announce that our friends over at the Pixel Awards have recognized our blood, sweat and tears with not one, but a whopping five nominations in the following categories.

ANIMATION – Bioshock 2

EXPERIMENTAL – Mitchum’s Hardest Working Person In America

GAMES – 2K Games

TRAVEL – Virgin America 2.0


It’s a privilege to be nominated alongside some of the hardest working digital shops out there, let alone working with some phenomenal clients.

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Press & Media
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