JUN 02, 2014

First Look at BattleCry: Brutally Beautiful

The hype is just getting started. BattleCry is a new free-to-play third person 32-player team action combat game from Bethesda and BattleCry Studios. With the explosion of PC-based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games in the last 5 years luring hundreds of millions of gamers away from their consoles, BattleCry seized a unique opportunity to stand apart by dialing up (way up) the brutally beautiful, arcade-style fun.

Rokkan was tasked with creating and executing a fully integrated brand and marketing strategy and launch campaign. Drawing inspiration from classic American westerns and grindhouse films, Rokkan partnered with production agency Psyop to create a CG trailer for announcement. The trailer depicts a classic warrior standoff and battle, featuring a Cossack female warrior (uncommon in the game industry) ferociously battling a larger male counterpart in the Royal Marines. But which faction stands victorious? Watch the trailer to find out.

Stay tuned for more information and insight into our integrated campaign for BattleCry, launching in 2015.


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