MAY 07, 2019

American Express Investor Day Launch


American Express engaged Rokkan as their Digital AOR to create videos for its Annual Amex Investor Day – a summit where senior executives share key business trends, initiatives, and long-term strategies.


Create two longform videos that engage Amex Investors and get them excited about upcoming products and partnerships.

This year’s focus was introducing the Amazon Business Prime Amex card, and a powerful small business accounting tool called Amex Vendor Pay. To humanize these sometimes technical products, we used clean, bright vector animations and storytelling narratives that would connect with the audience.

This project involved collaboration with multiple teams within American Express, as well as external partners Amazon and, to ensure the right messages were delivered.


We have created videos that emphasize the value of American Express to the business and investor community. Amex will continue to leverage these at future industry and investor events.

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