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We say we’re not a Creative Agency, but that we are a Creation Agency. Because our job isn’t done upon delivering ‘the creative’ or by simply being ‘creative.’ Instead, our focus is to help clients create growth by any means necessary. And in our 18-year history our offering has continually evolved, meeting the needs of a dynamic consumer and culture. While other agencies might measure the merits of their partnership by projects delivered and awards won, our focus has been, and continues to be, seeking growth. We make new brands, new products, new systems, new programs. We help clients create opportunity.

Whereas the process to make work tends to be linear — gather insights, develop a strategy, create the idea, execute, measure, optimize, repeat — Growth-First Thinking is far more abstract. Like being given pieces laid out on a table, you start by surveying each component, their shape, their size, their role, their place. And upon better understanding the things laid out, you start to connect and link things together, seeing how they relate. And it’s only until you’re embedded, handling the pieces in front of you, deciding which to prioritize, which to discard, and which to introduce, do you start solving the problem. As a result, the approach is naturally more iterative and resembles the method for making software, agile sprints that get to pilots, alphas, betas and MVPs.

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There’s a simple inner monologue in entrepreneurs that’s fundamental to growth. Two words. “Why not?” The effort to see ‘what isn’t’ and try ‘what hasn’t’ is a common theme across so many entrepreneurial success stories. And rooted in our agency’s name, Rokkan — the sixth sense, is that belief. To bring an attitude that seeks what isn’t there so that we can discover new things and grow.

  • Virgin

    In 2006, Rokkan launched VirginAmerica.com and brought game-changing customer-first experiences to online travel. Seeing what seats are available, a full range of flight options, and all related taxes and fees before you purchase a ticket. Rokkan also launched Elevate, the category’s first points-based loyalty program. The experience quickly became a leader in the category and soon many of the other airlines followed suit.

  • JetBlue

    Over the years, Rokkan fully re-imagined the 360-digital customer experience for JetBlue. From all touchpoints at home on desktop to on-the-go with mobile to airport and in-flight, Rokkan brought a customer-first approached that helped the brand shift even more of its revenue to online channels, including the addition of mobile, and reduce overhead by bringing innovations in online self-service and customer care.

  • Cadillac

    Rokkan leads the brand’s turnaround as it seeks to recapture its youth as a luxury automotive icon and bring younger drivers to the brand and vehicles. Since our start with Cadillac in 2017 as its AOR, we brought focus to the vehicles themselves to make sure Cadillac vehicles could become more distinct in the market place and better compete with the luxury automotive category. And since our start, the brand has reached some of its highest surges of sales growth in years.

  • Verizon

    Rokkan leads one of the brand’s biggest initiative outside of telecom and wireless, the telematics space with Hum, an after-market connected car technology. In 2017, Hum added nearly 600,000 new customers, more than doubling its customer base from the previous year.

  • Hallmark

    Rokkan launched the No Ordinary Card campaign over multiple holiday seasons, with a strategy focused on drawing volume from completely new sources – a high-end premium card product aimed at a more multi-cultural millennial target. The No Ordinary Card campaign is credited to helping Hallmark stem consecutive years of decline.

  • Chipotle

    Over the years, Rokkan helped re-imagine the digital journey for Chipotle and embed online and mobile ordering to its growing retail locations. A brand that rose to fame as a challenger in a burger-driven category leaned heavily on a more digital journey that would bring customers more useful and simpler experiences.

  • Coca Cola

    Rokkan works with Coca Cola across multiple brands with responsibilities that span brand campaigns to developing more holistic growth strategies. Work is expected to launch throughout 2018 and 2019.

  • Hilton

    Rokkan works with Hilton on growth initiatives inclusive of branding, identity, creative and more. Work is expected to launch throughout 2018 and 2019.